Get Access to Affordable, Low Cost Invisalign Braces

You’ve probably seen the commercials on television about Invisalign braces; they are the clear dental prosthetics that are designed to straighten your teeth without the need for unsightly metal brackets, braces, and wires. Are you searching for the best invisalign Los Angeles services? Look no farther than Historic Core Dental Care.

When Invisalign braces first came out they were not as affordable as they are today. Now you can access to them at a fairly low cost when you use a low monthly payment plan. Our Downtown Los Angeles office is the #1 provider for Invisalign and we can let you know if you qualify for Invisalign on your first visit. We offer cheap invisalign Los Angeles for our customers.


Sure, they’re clear, but there are other benefits that you probably didn’t know about them as well.

#1 – Fewer Visits to the Dentist/Orthodontist

With traditional braces, patients are often required to return to the dentist or orthodontist once per week or more in the beginning, and then once every three weeks thereafter to tighten the braces and check for progress. With Los Angeles invisalign braces, patients are only required to return for follow-up visits every four to six weeks. This can help free up their schedules and make obtaining a beautiful smile easier than ever.

#2 – Invisalign Treats Numerous Issues

Traditional braces exist primarily to straighten teeth, reduce crowding, and close gaps. With the use of additional prosthetics, such as headgear (which is cumbersome and unsightly), they may be able to correct overbites, under-bites, and deep bites. Invisalign braces, on the other hand, can treat all of these issues without the need for additional prosthetic equipment.

#3 – Comfortable, Pain-Free, and Easier to Use

People who have traditional metal braces have limited diets. They cannot eat chewy or hard foods without worry, and they must spend a great deal of time cleaning around each bracket on each tooth. What’s more, the wires must be twisted and tightened at each visit, and this can result in painful sensitivity. With Invisalign braces, on the other hand, the patient can remove the clear tray during meals and enjoy the foods he or she enjoys most. The trays are comfortable to wear and cause virtually no pain.

#4 – Invisalign Is Good for Your Health

Aside from simply straightening your teeth, Invisalign braces offer up a number of health benefits that traditional braces simply cannot. These include easier cleanings, both at home and in your dentist’s office, a decreased risk of abnormal wear on the teeth since there is no metal or bonding material necessary for their placement, and even healthier gums since food does not get trapped between metal braces and the gum line.

#5 – Simple, Easy Progression

With Invisalign braces, rather than returning to the dentist or orthodontist every three weeks to have them manually tightened, all you have to do is pop in a new tray that is custom-designed for your teeth once every two weeks. You’ll normally have between eight to 12 trays in total, so you can expect a brand new smile in 16 to 24 weeks – half the time of traditional braces.

Perhaps the best thing about Invisalign braces is the fact that they are virtually undetectable and they provide an outstanding way for you to straighten your teeth and correct your bite without having to deal with a mouth filled with metal or unsightly dental prosthetics. These days, Invisalign braces are more affordable than ever, and they may even be partially covered by some insurance plans.