What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

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When many people hear the term “cosmetic dentistry”, they immediately think of procedures that are not necessary, but instead desired to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smiles. However, cosmetic dentistry has many benefits, both social and health-related.


Better Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is an important part of maintaining overall health, but people who have less-than-perfect smiles often lack the motivation to brush, floss, or even see their dentists as often as they should. Cosmetic dentistry can help provide people with the smiles they have always wanted, thereby giving them the motivation they need to take care of their brand new pearly whites – and, in the long run, their health. Good oral hygiene boosts the immune system, prevents pain and infection, and offers an increased level of self-confidence.

Relief from Headaches

People who have misaligned or misshapen teeth often suffer from headaches and toothaches. This is because the normal bite alignment is thrown off and the jaw muscles must work awkwardly when a patient chews food or even closes his or her mouth. Toothaches occur when undue pressure is placed on one or more teeth during the chewing or biting process for the same reason. Cosmetic dentistry can help to even out the teeth so that the patient can bite down and chew normally. In turn, the jaw muscles can work as they are intended and the patient’s headaches and toothaches will resolve.Our cosmetic dentist Los Angeles offers the perfect solutions to enhance your appearance effectively.

More Confidence

Perhaps the biggest draw to cosmetic dentistry is the level of self-confidence that it imparts in patients. People who have discolored, broken, or misshapen teeth as well as those who have pronounced gaps between teeth often avoid smiling and socializing due to their self-consciousness. Following cosmetic dentistry, these individuals are able to flash their beautiful smiles, improving their social lives and their overall well-being.

A More Professional Appearance

Finally, cosmetic dentistry can provide patients with a more professional appearance. Individuals who must work with others on a regular basis should appear neat, clean and polished, and teeth that are less than perfect can put some employers and clients off. In fact, there are a number of studies which show that people who have the best smiles and oral hygiene have better chances in interviews and social situations than those who do not. Thus, it can be said that a healthy, aesthetically-pleasing smile can help patients climb the career and social ladders.

Increasingly Covered by Dental Insurance Plans

Once upon a time, the providers of dental insurance viewed cosmetic dentistry as a set of procedures that were completely elective and were not medically necessary. For this reason, most patients were required to pay out-of-pocket for these services. As studies have continued to show the health benefits associated with cosmetic dentistry, however, more and more insurance providers have included procedures such as veneers and bonding in the list of procedures that they will cover.

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Patients often turn their back on cosmetic dentistry because they believe it will be expensive, painful, or simply not worth the effort. There are many benefits associated with good oral hygiene, though, and it can undoubtedly change lives for the better. Meet our cosmetic dentist Los Angeles CA to fulfill your exact needs perfectly.