5 Reasons to get Professional Teeth Whitening

Everyone enjoys having a beautiful smile; however, aging, tobacco use and consuming beverages such as tea or cola can cause the teeth to become stained over time. If you want to identify a clinic that offers the best teeth whitening Los Angeles services, you can choose Historic Core Dental Care. Professional teeth whitening can help you have a whiter, brighter smile-here are five reasons why you should consider it.

#1: More Effective than Over-the-Counter Treatments

The most effective whitening treatments contain ingredients that can only be dispensed by a dentist. As such, you’ll find professional whitening to be more effective than over-the-counter treatments, simply because the most effective products are being used. A dentist also knows which methods are most effective, and can customize a treatment plan that is right for you.


#2: Whitens Teeth Faster

Since the ingredients used in professional whitening systems are more effective, you’ll notice results much faster when you choose professional whitening. At-home whitening kits may require you to apply solution over a period of several weeks in order to notice results. You’re likely to notice dramatic results after just one professional whitening session, so you can enjoy the benefits of a more radiant smile much sooner.

#3: Less Sensitivity

People with sensitive teeth tend to experience flare-ups more often when they use at-home whitening treatments. That’s because solutions used in dental offices are much thicker and therefore adhere to the teeth better. In addition, whitening trays used in some kits may not fit properly, thereby causing solution to leak out onto the gums. Trays used in a dental office are more likely to fit snugly so this won’t be an issue. Your dentist also knows just how much solution to use to prevent over-bleaching, which is something else that can increase the amount of sensitivity you feel.

#4: Less Mess to Clean Up

One of the biggest problems with at-home whitening treatments is that they can be very messy. For this reason, part of whitening your teeth involves cleaning up afterwards. Depending on the treatment you use, you may need to clean up more than once a day for several weeks. If you’re not careful, whitening solution can also get onto countertops or other surfaces and damage them. When you have professional whitening performed, messy gels are no longer a problem for you.

#5: Increases Self Confidence

Having professional teeth whitening can increase your self confidence by giving you a more youthful, radiant smile. Just knowing you have a whiter smile can make you feel better about yourself, especially when meeting new people. Since whitening the teeth restores confidence, many people elect to have it just before an important event such as a wedding, class reunion or job interview. Others choose to have it because they believe it will help them with dating or career progression.

Regardless of your reason for desiring whiter teeth, you’ll obtain the best results when you visit a professional. Enjoy a whiter smile sooner without having to worry about any of the problems associated with at-home whitening kits by contacting a cosmetic dentist for an appointment.